Why You Sometimes Get What You Pay For When It Comes to Auto Repair

Why You Sometimes Get What You Pay For When It Comes to Auto Repair

Here at Rob’s Imports we want you to get the inside scoop on auto repair, so you can make more informed decisions and ultimately be a better car owner.

I’m Rob Newhouse, the owner of Rob’s Import Repair. We often get a lot of questions from call ins, and so on and so forth… one of the main things we hear is that, the guy down the street can do it for cheaper.

When you need an auto repair service, there are lots of shops available. However, there’s always an important decision to make every time on whose hands to commit your vehicle into or where to take it to. Of course, you want capable professionals to handle your vehicle and you want the maintenance or repair done at the cheapest rate you can get. But more often than not, you have to sacrifice one for the other.

Choosing between a service that guarantees value for money versus one that promises to get the job done at a cheap price should not put you in a dilemma. Here are three important reasons why you should go for the former 10/10 times rather than the latter:

Quality parts for repair

A great value service will offer you parts of better quality than you can get from a cheap-priced service during a repair. If the service is cheap, though it may seem very affordable, they will probably offer low-quality parts at the same time.


In the auto repair business or industry, certification is very important. It is something you should look out for in an auto repair shop you are leaving your vehicle with.

Convenience and overall proper care for your vehicle

Part of the service you are going to get from a great value shop is the convenience you see I’ll feel from the start to finish. Also, you have the confidence that your vehicle is being properly taken care of without worries.