What to Know Before Buying A Used Audi

What to Know Before Buying A Used Audi

Hey everyone this is Rob Newhouse with Rob’s Import Repair. Buying a secondhand Audi can save you a lot of dollars, but there are hazards to buying a used car from someone you don’t know.

It’s tough to get a picture of whether your previous owner used an abused his/her car, or treated it like a baby, but by reading this guide you can get a better picture of what your used Audi has gone through.

Review the Exterior

Critically examine the exterior. Examine the body of the car for overspray. Some car owners and used car dealers hide damages from previous accidents through repainting and bodywork.

Review the Carfax, any accidents will significantly lower the cost of your vehicle when you’re selling in the future.

Another place to look in the exterior is the fog lights and headlights. Check to see if they are in perfect condition and/or if there is moisture inside the components visible as condensation.

Check out the service history

Did the owner keep detailed service records? If so this is optimal, if he/she didn’t, oftentimes a dealership where they brought it will have a record of the service history. Some people really neglect their cars, and if you’re looking at cars over 30k miles, you’re going to want to be more picky with service records. For example, a well-maintained Audi with 50k miles is going to be a better purchase generally than an Audi that hasn’t been serviced at all and driven 30k miles. Just assume that the seller is being dishonest about vehicle quality and leaving material details out in an effort to try and get more money for the sale of his car.

Review the Interior

If the exterior checks out, that is fine, however, this is not enough. Open the doors of the Audi and take a look at the interior. Look at such things as the seat covers, car mats, dashboard, cup holders, as well as anything that your eyes can see for scratches or damage. You should be thorough about your search.

Also, check the sun/moon roof for defects. Make sure all buttons work, and air conditioning blows cold, heat blows warm etc.

After looking at the the hardware of the Audi (in the interior), check for other functionalities such as: Bluetooth Car Phone, Anti-theft Alarm, Drive Select (Lane Assist, Driver Seat Memory Function, Homelink, Light, Rain Sensors and Multimedia Interface (MMI) for damage. All these are necessary to drive on roads safely and avoid traffic offenses.

Take a Good Look at the Engine and Mechanical State of the Car

If you can, take your Audi for a pre purchase inspection and have us look at it, we won’t charge you much and can save you a ton of headache. It is good that you are familiar with the exercise. This will ensure you are prepared and may even spot something a mechanic missed.

Find out from the car owner or used car dealer what kind of oil the car has been using. You can ask for records if you are not satisfied with the answer you get.

The power steering fluid, coolant and brake fluid are another place to look at. Make sure the fluids are the proper ones used.

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