Service Advisor

Service Advisors, are you tired of pulling your hair out working 60+ hours per week and trying to juggle 100 cars day?

NO nights NO weekends, Closed Friday Afternoons!
Hate that the limited processes that are in place break down every time it gets busy?

Sick of missing out on that CONNECTION with your customers, you know, the REASON you do this in the 1st place?

…..Just tell them about what’s broken and get the next one in the door…
Then the boss sends out “free” oil change coupons so often that you are beginning to think that nobody spends ANY MONEY on their car?
You do know that not ALL shops operate in this mode, right? There are well run, forward looking, customer-oriented places that OPERATE THE WAY THAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE!

Taking care of the customer….
Processes in place that make it EASY to kill the sales game WHILE KEEPING CUSTOMERS HAPPY….
Professional techs…

Highly refined processes and digital inspections so you, the techs, and the customer ALL see the same thing, making their choice easy…
Look, lip service is easy. I’m not here to talk a line of BS in your ear. Being a service advisor is hard enough. Then add all the unfortunate crap that can come up with either poor processes or unprofessional co-workers and you have a recipe for disaster.

At Robs Import Repair, we know what you need to be successful. We know how to process and present any issue that a vehicle has, we have been in your shoes and know your struggles.

We bust our butts during the week AND we close at noon on Fridays. We maintain a high ARO so we’re able to spend the appropriate amount of time with each customer interaction.

We operate at another level from your typical shop. We work to improve every process consistently. We never rest on our past accomplishments, although they are important and significant.

We put our money where our mouth is by making a MASSIVE INVESTMENT in our new, state of the art, 26 bay purpose-built facility.

I can assure we are NOTHING LIKE your typical shop. We cater to the best customers, we perform the best repairs, and we STRIVE TO BE THE BEST.
If you reached this point, I know that you are intrigued by what we are all about.

We have all the best pay, benefits, training, Health Insurance, vacation, etc as everybody else.

Its our culture and values that set us apart!

We don’t work late nights, and we CLOSE AT NOON ON FRIDAYS! (Hey, someday we will get to the point of being closed on Fridays completely…. Its something we’re working on)

All of this is great to read but at the end of the day, if you don’t make a move and either get me your resume or send me your name so we can talk, well then that’s on you.

We’re here to do great things and we need GREAT PEOPLE to do that.
I appreciate YOU for taking the time reading this.
Thank you and have a Great Day!

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