How to Optimize European Engine Performance

How to Optimize European Engine Performance

Hi everyone, it’s Rob Newhouse with Rob’s Import Repair. Your car breaking down on your way to an important appointment or worse in the middle of nowhere is an utter nightmare.

Soccer Mom or Working Class, this can ruin your entire day. Especially if your car is constantly on the move. A disruption that finds its roots in one common problem…An Engine Breakdown

Good news is that the chances of this horrifying nightmare happening can be severely reduced if you own a European car and make it to the end of this article.

In this post I’ll be sharing some Exclusive to European Cars tips car owners can implement to drive down the chances of sudden breakdowns. Brace up.


 Whether you drive a BMW, Volkswagen or an Audi, if it’s made in Europe, then these tips were made from it;


 This is honestly first on the list because it can’t be overemphasized if you drive a European Car in the US.

Firstly because it is grossly cheaper and overlooked but the implications of transgressing this simple and succinct principle could burn a hole in your pocket and worse cost you your car.

And secondly because European car owners in the US who even obey this law, stand the risk of ignorantly taking their cars to the wrong auto repair shop

The cost of a cure here enormously swallows up that of prevention. A classic scheduled car maintenance at a European Auto repair shop should entail all of the following;

  • Oil Changes
  • Lubrication of Chassis.
  • Windscreen Wiper Check
  • Oil Filter Check
  • Thorough Undercarriage Check
  • Battery Charge

And lots more like a Belt and Hose inspection or change. If you’re in Wisconsin and need a trustworthy shop to meet the needs of your European Car or set up a schedule, reach out!


 Your engine is literally the heart of your car and as it exerts itself to keep your car running? It should by principle heat up.

Problem is, excessive heating up can cause permanent damages to your car, which is why European Cars come with a cooling system that sends antifreeze to the cars radiators to keep the temperature safe.

And anything that messes with that radiator-cooling system symbiosis (like a leak), spells DANGER. So you need to make a habit out of constantly ensuring your Cooling System is intact.


 Overtime, from consistent running or oil changes, your car’s transmission can get clogged up with grease, goo and slob. Leaving a build up could be pretty detrimental.

So make a habit of getting your transmissions cleaned and your car exhaust while at it (kill two birds with one stone) this would go Avery Kong way in preserving your engine’s life.

Start today!


Lastly and perhaps our favorite on this list, is the Tune-Up!

 With the evolution of cars, Sensors and highly advanced ECUs (Electronic Control Units), It is gradually becoming a lost art among car owners.

But if you own a European Car, then this is worthy of note and the closing point on our list. Besides being a time to really induce a bond with your vehicle.

Tune ups are recommended after your car hits or surpasses the 100k mile mark for a new European car and consequently every 15-20k miles after.

 These intimate sessions include an array of activities like Checking and replacing old spark plugs and wires, Fuel, air and oil filters, emission levels and more. Doing this will exponentially cut your costs on the other things on this list.

So… check that Mike mark and Tune away!

Closing Words

If you need professional help wrapping your head around these four practices or require specialized assistance with your vehicle. Our European Specific auto shop has skilled professionals who can execute everything on this list, and some!

Feel free to contact us immediately