Robs Import Repair History

I was born and raised in Kaukauna where I met and married my high school sweetheart Jennine. We have been local our entire lives and love the Fox Valley. We enjoy the small town feel and safety and security that it brings. We have 2 beautiful daughters and have no plans on leaving anytime soon.

I began my automotive journey by taking as many “shop” classes as possible while attending Kaukauna High School. From there I attended Fox Valley Technical College where I received an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, Automotive Technology in 1998.

During my time at FVTC, I was lucky enough to have some fantastic teachers and opportunities, such as becoming Treasurer of the Auto Club.

In 1998, I was awarded 1st Place in the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America post-secondary skills championship, Auto Mechanics, for Wisconsin.

Coming up from a “green” technician, through hard work and determination, I was able to become an ASE Certified “Master Automobile Technician” by late 1998. By 2003, I was the Lead Technician where I worked, and had become an ASE Advanced Level Engine Performance Specialist.

After working for about 10 years for other people, I deciding that I wanted to try my hand at being an owner. I searched for the right fit, and on July 1st, 2008 I was officially an auto shop owner.

In the early days of Robs Import Repair, there were certainly some growing pains. I was a fantastic technician, although this did not exactly translate into being the best at the multitude of other “hats” that I was required to wear at that time. Learning to become a service advisor (something I had never done before), to learning Quickbooks, navigating employee relations, tax laws, and the weight of being the one that has to have all the answers was new and exciting to me. In the early days, we only had 2 people to do everything that had to be done, myself and 1 technician.

Over time, we have improved EVERY process, improved EVERY person, and improved EVERY WAY THAT WE INTERACT AND OPERATE.

We work on improving EVERY SINGLE DAY. I cannot stress this enough. We do not rest on our achievements. Yesterday’s triumph is just that, yesterday. We realize that we must look back at where we came from, but we never forget that tomorrow is another day, a day that we are committed to being the best!

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the level of my “Team”. We have grown to a point where I simply cannot do it all. I wish I could, but that would leave you with a poor service experience. So, we have grown our team of Experts (I do not say that lightly, these guys are PHENOMONAL). They humble me daily by their work ethic, attitudes, skill, and dedication to their craft. I cannot say enough good things about them, and I truly believe my team is WORLD CLASS. I would put them up against anyone else in the WORLD. My pride in them is unrelenting! In fact, many shops have 1 “lead technician” that is an ASE Master Technician. We currently employ 6 ASE Master Technicians, 2 with Advanced level Certifications, 1 who is also BMW Master Certified and ASE Advanced Engine Performance and a Light Duty hybrid/electric spealist, and another with Volkswagen and Audi Certifications. We even have Service Advisors who are Master Technicians. So, when we say that we know what we are doing, its not just smoke and mirrors.

In 2008, the original shop had 2 hoists, and a TERRIBLE layout. Within 6 months, I decided to tear down some walls inside the shop and make room for an alignment lift and alignment machine. This brought us to 3 lifts.

In early 2010, we made some minor adjustments to allow for 1 more hoist, bringing us to 4 lifts total. We quickly outgrew THIS too and we worked inside this framework for the next 5 years. Knowing that we needed more space, we continued to explore our options, deciding on an addition that would almost double our shop space. Opening on January 1st, 2015, this phase of expansion brought us up to 7 hoists.

Between 2015 and 2021, we nearly tripled our business, moved from 3 employees to 8, and massively overgrew our shop space. There was simply no other option that to look at expanding once again. When we considered all of our options, we made the choice to go all in and look to the future.

I decided that this expansion would not be like the rest.  No more compromises with this move. This was going to be the move that would set us up for the future. We decided to go with a purpose built, personally designed, state of the art, 24 bay repair facility.

Unfortunately, the Draper St location would not support anywhere near what we wanted to do so we made the choice to move. Landing in Little Chute was an easy choice, with a location right off Hwy 41.

The new facility is over 3 times the size of our Draper St location and is also designed to double in square footage if needed. We are looking to the future with many additional service offerings. We will begin to transition to battery and full electric vehicles with our training and tooling. We also have the space to perform ADAS (think laser and radar cruise control, lane departure warnings, self-driving, etc.) repair and calibrations and the ability to give your ride a quick wash while its here. These luxuries would never have been an option at the last shop.

As you can see, we simply are not your run of the mill auto shop. We operate at a different level and our philosophy is to let you know about 100% of the information 100% of the time. We promise to NEVER short cut a repair, or to do anything that is not in the best interest of your vehicle.

Remember, we all share the road together! WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A SAFE AND RELIABLE VEHICLE.